Team Up Heroes

Team Up Heroes

Meet the tutors who went the extra mile! 

We'd like to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to Team Up's mission. Our tutors come from all walks of life, and bring so many valuable skills and experiences to the Team Up programme. Some of our tutors, however, go above and beyond in their commitment. We would like to take this chance to thank them specially.


The following tutors have completed three or more tutoring programmes with us this year, giving up a considerable amount of their time to work with our pupils. Those tutors who have also achieved a Leadership Award (accredited by SSAT) are noted here in brackets. This signifies that they have completed extra teacher training units and attended our leadership seminars, demonstrating a commitment to improving their skills. 

Hasnara Ali - Hasnara tutored on three programmes with us this year and is now in her fourth year with Team Up, having volunteered on an amazing seven programmes in that period! 

Kim Tan - Kim tutored on three programmes this year and was a cover superstar, helping us out on many occasions when we needed a last minute tutor. 

Maxine Kusiima (Senior Tutor/Silver) - Maxine not only volunteered on three programmes but has supported us throughout the year inside and outside the Team Up office. 

Rohit Shivnani, Joanna Talbot, Evelina Maier, Daniel Lim, Saskia Calliste, Pearl Williams, Muhith Ahmed (Senior Tutor/Silver), Omrah Zaman, Jannie Khoo, Faiza Adeel, Eisha Awuah

The following tutors achieved the Outstanding Tutor/Gold Leadership Award, the highest level possible:

Andrea Gerardi, Sukhwinder Jagdev

We would additionally like to commend the following tutors who showed an exceptionally high standard of teaching: Anzal Rehman, Daniel Lim, Philip Gaisford, Lorna Hall, Katy Orkisz, Angelica-Rose Polycarpou, Eduard Bruchner, Jack Etherington, Sudha Jaganathan, Abigail Wright, Muhammad Syafiq Shamsuddin, Sian Summers, Anner Sutherland, Oscar Orahilly, Baisheng Song, Imogen Hequet, Michael Bobrowicz, William Lonsdale, Alanna Clarke-Beattie, Craig Ayrey, Joan Lawal, Dominic Pollard, Shabana Akhtar, Hibah Saleem, Maisy Stephens, Marcio Almeida